Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tiny Moment of Awesome, Week 7: Moab on Short Notice

"Tiny Moment of Awesome: (2/13/2016) Remembering that on this morning, a year ago, you were waking up to this:

Bonus: The fact that two days before, you weren't planning any kind of adventures, but dropped everything to go when the opportunity arose."

Funny how a week flies by and I don't even manage to copy and paste something from Facebook, isn't it? So here it is, a little late, with another couple posts to come in the next couple of days.

This particular Tiny Moment of Awesome came about last year on a Thursday, when my friend Scott called me at work to invite me to go camping in Moab with a group of friends the following day. I'm not naturally impulsive, so I had to think about it for a couple of hours before calling him back to confirm that I was coming.

We drove down together Friday after work, eating junk food, blasting punk and hardcore, and talking about our own planned musical projects. Once in Moab, we met up with Scott's friends at the grocery store and drove into the darkness outside of town. My car being unsuitable for the road to the campsite, we parked it and rode for several miles in the back of one of our crew's two trucks to reach camp.

Even (or perhaps especially) in the Utah desert, February is cold, and setting up the tent in loose sand, by the light of a headlamp, in near-freezing temperatures, was a perfect opportunity to develop patience. All that was made worth it by the view we woke up to the following morning:


We spent the rest of the day hiking to Corona Arch, four-wheeling to Dead Horse Point, and just generally trying to make the most of our limited time there. I'd say we were successful.



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