Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Mind of Brian Rides Again: AKA The (Sorta) Dark, (Not All That) Gritty Reboot

It’s been almost a year since I posted last. During that time, post-worthy things happened, but between finishing grad school, adjusting to a new job, almost getting married, and a few other things, I managed not to write about any of them. So for the one or two of you out there actually still looking at this, be prepared for a month of me writing about albums and concerts from 6 months ago or more. (That, and the review I promised Michael W. Dean of his gun training film back in 2013…)

SO… Here’s what to expect going forward:

-Very little political content. I used to try to stay abreast of and write about current events, but there are far more interesting things for me to do with my time, so I won’t bother unless it’s something I really think is meaningful and interesting. I suppose I'll write about politics if asked, but there are already so many good resources for libertarianism/voluntaryism out there that for the most part I’ll leave that job in more capable hands. 

-Some religious content. This isn't primarily a faith/religious blog, but my faith in and testimony of Jesus Christ and his restored gospel informs how I live my life and what's important to me. I don't share that enough, and it's probably time for that to change.

-Plenty of music content. With grad school behind me and a new, healthier sleep schedule, I’ve done more with music over the past few months than I have in a long time. So expect reviews of whatever music I’ve run across and want to share, concerts I’ve seen, or guitar gear I’ve used. I’ll have a review of the new Seymour Duncan Black Winter humbucker set coming soon, and a post on the guitar I installed them in. Maybe a little of my own music will leak out here and there as well.

-Some running and outdoor content. This will be my fourth year running, yet somehow I haven’t managed to write much about it. There should be some hiking and camping entries as well as some on preparedness.

-Some miscellaneous project content. Somehow, I neglected to post about the giant bowie knife I built, the grips built for an obscure Russian revolver, or the endless struggle to complete a certain unique-looking but only marginally useful guitar. My list of DIY projects seems endless at this point- I’ll see if I can check a few more off the list and blog about them.

So much good stuff to come… Saddle up yet again for another journey into The Mind of Brian…

To be continued…

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