Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brian’s Big Box of Buckles – Another DIY Project

Brian’s Big Box of Buckles – Another DIY Project

I solved a long-standing problem while cleaning my room today (something which happens far too infrequently to begin with). I have a lot of belt buckles, and till today, have had no great way to store them. Some are old, some new and shiny, some western, some novelties with enamel colors. All of them have spent the past few months lying on the top of a dresser waiting for me to find a better way to store them. Throwing them all back in a drawer just wouldn’t do; I just hate the thought of them banging against each other, dinging and scratching.

My answer came in the form of this old wooden Kraft cheese box, which had been sitting around since I found it in the crawlspace of my great-grandma’s house after she passed. A cool little box, just the right width for a row of my favorite belt buckles. Now all I needed was something to keep the buckles upright and separated…

A slab of dense 2” thick foam, left over from blocking a couple of air conditioning vents during the winter, provided the perfect insert for the bottom of the box. I cut the foam to fit tightly and then cut slots about every half inch, each about halfway through the foam. The foam holds the buckles securely, and keeps them far enough apart that they don’t touch each other, even when I pick the box up to move it. The box fits nicely in a dresser drawer, although it has so much character that I might just leave it out in plain view.

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