Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Overdue Subjects: The Freedom Feens Podcast

So here’s something I’ve been meaning to blog about for quite a while. My favorite podcast. About September of 2011, while reading Claire Wolfe’s blog on www.backwoodshome.com (which website I HIGHLY recommend for anyone with the least interest in the outdoors, survival and self-reliance…) I stumbled onto the podcast I’ve come to anticipate every week. It’s called Freedom Feens (“Feens” being a corruption of “Fiends”), and it’s a weekly podcast put together by Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi.

What surprised me was that I hadn’t found it sooner. I found I had stumbled upon Michael’s blog (titled libertarianpunk) some months before. I had come to notice that most punk bands, despite being ostensibly anti-authority, tended to support more leftist, socialist causes, which didn’t seem right. (Of course, there are some Nazi skinhead punk bands, which some would wrongly call right wing but I still consider them part of the same paradoxical category of “Statist Punks”, due to the close relationship between fascism and socialism.) I set out looking for libertarian punk bands and found one, Right Arm of Wyoming, Michael’s one man punk project. This led me to some clips he had posted on his blog about a documentary he was making called Guns and Weed, which I watched, somewhat intrigued, and moved on. I had graduation coming up, and time was ‘a wasting.

Fast forward to 2011. I stumble onto the Feens’ podcast. The episode that week was entitled MODERATES ARE PEOPLE WHO THINK EVERYTHING SHOULD BE A LITTLE BIT ILLEGAL, which I found clever as well as accurate. It’s been a good ride since. Michael and Neema have delivered week after week and I’ve enjoyed it. The show basically takes the form of a (very) loosely scripted discussion between the two men, who are obviously enjoying the project. They cover a broad range of topics, from guns, to the war on drugs, government corruption and tyranny, to music and media production and equipment. With that kind of variety, I find my mind going a lot of places I wouldn’t have pictured before, and I’m enjoying the mental exercise. Even if I don’t always reach the exact same conclusions, this show is mentally invigorating and above all, fun. Where Alex Jones might scare some people with his doom and gloom style, or Lew Rockwell might with his academic approach, the Feens keep the discussion lighthearted and accessible, often making government tyranny a subject of ridicule (think of the children!), and showing the folly of putting one's trust on government.

So "worms" (props) to Michael and Neema for keeping me entertained and informed. Those interested can find the Podcast at http://www.freedomfeens.com/

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