Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Elixir Premium Guitar Cable

A few months ago, Elixir sent me one of their new line of guitar cables for free, with the understanding that I write a review of it. Well, this may seem overdue but I'm finally getting around to it. The cable in question is one of their new premium instrument cables, specifically a 20-footer with straight jacks. (Normally $69.99)

In terms of construction, this is a very well made cable. Solid and substantial is how I would describe it, and yet it's not too thick or stiff, which would make it unwieldy when playing on stage. The cable is supposed to have a lifetime warranty, like Monster Cables, but I've had no need to test that, (and haven't with the Monsters either) and don't expect to. Still, it's nice to know the company stands behind its product.

Sound quality-wise, the Elixir is great. I've been using a Monster acoustic cable (one of the few free things I won while working for Musician's Friend...) for the past few years, and that's a cable I've learned to love for its clear sound, both on acoustic and electric guitars. The Elixir is basically on par with the Monster acoustic, although the Monster might have been a touch brighter.

Either cable would be a good choice in terms of sound, but the Elixir wins in my book for its flexibility as well as its lower price. A 20' Elixir runs $69.99 at Musician's Friend, while a Monster acoustic of similar length will set you back $99.95. Props to Elixir for making a solid, good sounding cable at a competitive price.

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