Friday, January 29, 2010

And now to business...

Ah, it's a beautiful day for adding to the cacophany of noise, unfounded opinion and confusion that is the internet. I've started this blog as a catchall dumping ground for my thoughts on the world in general. You will find no organization, no overarching theme, and no consistent posting schedule here- mostly just music, a smattering of politics, the occasional doodle and my own occasionally warped opinions. Welcome, my friends, to the mind of Brian...

A note about me:

I'm 25 years old, and a recent graduate of Utah State University's history program. I'm entering law school in Fall of 2010 (Or so goes the plan...) and until I am accepted am a bum of sorts here in the balmy city of Logan, UT, where I find myself singing with the Latter-Day Voices, working, and playing the occasional guitar gig in a bid to satisfy my unfulfilled adolescent dream of rock fame.

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